Intimidating german phrases

Sure, children are sponges that take in just about every piece of information they hear, smell, touch, taste and see, but I’ve got news for you: Adults have quite a few advantages when it comes to learning German. Take a look at some of the reasons why you may just have an advantage over kids.In order to learn German as an adult, you must understand common words and phrases, the accents and the pronunciations. Sentences with the word intimidate What is the meaning of the word intimidate? Words that rhyme with intimidate What is the past tense of intimidate?

It’s essential to slide right back into your routine once you return back from Germany.

Every book, movie and newspaper you consume should be in German.

You’ve maybe seen the meme about different languages, where the “normal” languages like English, Spanish and French all have similar words for one thing, but then the German word is long, weird and consonant-filled.

But when it comes down to it, the consensus, at least as measured by internet memes and jokes, seems to be that German is a rough, “guttural” language that has long, baffling words.

Tips to Make the Routine Work: The best way to learn German fast as an adult is to move to Germany; but let’s be serious, that’s generally not an option.

However, even just a trip for around 30 to 90 days (preferably a year) should be enough to interact and completely immerse yourself in the language and culture.

That’s why I put together a modified routine to help busy adults trying to speak German: With this modification, you delve into a constant German routine, while only spending around an hour per day.

Then, you get to practice with your speaking partner on the weekends.

On your travels, make friends and connect with them when you come back—through Skype and email and phone calls.

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