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GM: My feelings were somewhat neutral, because cultural differences aren’t a major focus in my family.

They had more of a problem that he was the guy who was taking away their daughter, like most parents have. Cassie is my sweetheart and probably more favourited by my parents than me. They treat him like a son and are always buying him gifts. GM: Only in the sense that we or they are closer and more loving. They are old school and have different principles and values.

It was tough at first but they quickly came around.

However, since the democratic dispensation brought South Africa’s Constitution and Bill of Rights, people such as Cassarica Nadas and Gareth Mays have been able to build close relationships without being harassed by the law. I can’t say which month exactly, but it was mid-2011. I thought he was interesting and we continued to chat over the next couple of weeks.

Mays and Nadas marked their fifth year as a couple on 8 November 2016. He then wanted to meet me in person, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to.

The three-month-long campaign focuses on empowering people with knowledge and information about their rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights. I remember thinking there was no way he would come, with having responsibilities at work. Gareth took off time from work and we met at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University campus where we chatted for a few hours. CN: There were no real feelings towards dating someone who was out of my culture.

Brand South Africa says this awareness is integral to the promotion and advancement of South Africa’s constitutional values. I skipped class and he showed me the architecture building I had never seen on campus. Gareth was my first boyfriend and I had more feeling towards my new relationship than any feelings towards his culture.

Skyping my parents helped a lot with this transition and I keep in touch via Whatsapp and phone calls. We believe individuals are free to make their own choices.

I suppose supportive would be more accurate to say.

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