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I doubt you will ever see a more gorgeous girl in a poopy diaper than Kim in this new movie.

She's cute, sexy and so stunning in just socks and a wet and messy diaper!

Watch as she wets, poops and plays in her messy diaper, enjoying the feeling of the mushy warmth spread all over her butt and ozzing between her legs."I'm gonna fill this diaper up so good!

"There can be no doubt whatsoever that Kim loves to poop herself, and she adores the feeling of sitting on her poop and squishing it through her diaper.

It turns her on to know that guys are wetting and masturbating too as they watch her, and loves to think and talk about hard cocks inside soggy diapers.

Jessie bends over with her diapered ass in Danni's face and starts to push.First a few crackles as the poop begins to make its way through Jessie's butt hole and then a loud fart erupts in Danni's face!As Jessie is pooping you can still see the big pool of warm yellow pee in her diaper where she flooded it so much, and this is turning Danni on even more.I'm too sleepy to go and use the bathroom and plus I have a diaper on anyway!I give a few pushes and feel the warm squishy poop begining to load up my diaper.You can see how turned on she is, as after she wets, she actually creams herself before she's even started masturbating!

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