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These are the sort of things you can’t get answers to!

On making friends: This is definitely something we struggle with.

I read What to Expect When You’re Expecting and found it helpful, but a bit frustrating.

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I foolishly could do that by 1 a.m., so although we had gone into the hospital at 6 p.m, we were home by 2 a.m. we were on our own with no clue what we were doing; I had barely learned to breastfeed; it was the most terrifying night of my life! This year, I’ve taken six hours off per week, which basically ends up being a whole day.

The reason this is okay is that they send a person called a kraamzorg to your house every day for eight days after the birth, for a minimum of three hours, to take care of you and teach you how to care for the baby. But since I delivered in the middle of the night, we couldn’t call the kraamzorg until the next morning. On maternity leave: You get 16 weeks, and you must take a least four before the due date. [You are entitled to parental leave when you’ve been working for the same employer for at least one year and are caring for a child who is younger than eight years of age. Some people have nannies, as well, and of course grandparents often are very involved, too.

Now that I’m a mother, I wish I had more mom connections.

Amsterdam is also such a city of expats and movement that as soon as you make new friends, inevitably some of them move away.

(We were lucky enough to visit her a few years ago.) Here, she shares 16 surprising things about raising a child in the Netherlands…

Penny’s background: When I moved to Amsterdam for work in 2011, my first impression was that it was a beautiful, incredibly international city.That makes it very easy and navigable to live here as an expat.A few years ago, I met my husband Hugo, who is French, and we now have a son, Oscar.They start off with a wooden balance bike, with no pedals. For the Dutch, it’s unquestioning that you would bike in all weather.The kids here are also often “underdressed” by American standards — for example, not wearing hats or mittens. On childbirth: Holland is one of the few western countries that still regularly does home birth.You don’t have a guaranteed space at a hospital when you go into labor, because it depends how busy it is that day; so you rank the hospitals in order of your preference, and your midwife calls around asking if they have space. I ended up giving birth on a stool because, apparently, a squatting position is more ergonomic for facilitating a baby-exit.

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