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Includes full hookups (water, electric, sewage and even TV and Internet in this case) in a small town in the middle of a beautiful nowhere. One month’s rent in Pecan Grove RV Park, Austin, Texas.

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This post is several years old, though it still largely stands true in its own right.

Many people have written to me calling it all a bunch of BS.

Of course, not everyone who’s traveling, particularly in the beginning when you’re first exploring this new lifestyle, wants to spend a month in one place.

Weekly rates for RV parks are typically closer to $200 / week.

No electrical hookups (well, almost never anyway), no water or sewage hookups, usually no Internet (unless you can find an open signal nearby).

Your particular rig must be able to accommodate any needs you might have (ie, backup batteries powered by solar panels, big ol’ water tanks for drinking, dishes, etc.

state parks), and we’ll look at as many as possible to give us some variety and see how flexible location independence can be.

This is by far the cheapest way to live that doesn’t involve being out in the middle of the desert and relying on a generator and the size of your various water tanks (though we’ll cover that in a moment).

This is the general average I’ve found across the country, and of course rates vary as much for weekly spots as they do for the above monthly options.

So for weekly movers and shakers, rent is closer to 0 / month.

I’ll use the average of real world examples from the past six houses I’ve owned or rented (between the years 2004 – 2007 and a couple of shorter stints since then) so that we’re looking at real numbers.

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