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There is also Note: The formatting of phone numbers varies from country to country due to the inconsistency in lengths and formats.As a result, the specification doesn’t define an algorithm for validating these, hence it isn’t supported web browsers at the time of writing. The pattern attribute will likely make a lot of developers, especially those working on the front-end, happy.Let’s see some examples of using regular expressions for validating form field data.

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It is worth noting that relying solely on the browser (client-side) for validation can be dangerous because it can be circumvented by a malicious user or by computer bots.

Not all browsers support HTML5, and not all input sent to your script will come from the form.

To provide the user with a description of the pattern, or an error reporting on the field if an invalid value is entered, you can use the See the Pen hbuxg by Site Point (@Site Point) on Code Pen.

If you’re new to Regular Expressions, you can check out this document on Web to give you a head start.

Let’s examine these new form attributes to see how they can aid form validation.

This form attribute indicates what kind of input control to display such as the popular validates the field to ensure the entered data is in fact a valid email address.

This attribute specifies a format (in the form of a Java Script Regular Expression) that the field value is checked against.

Regular expressions are a language used for parsing and manipulating text.

By adding this attribute to a form field, the browser requires the user to enter data into that field before submitting the form.

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