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They’re fine, suave, debonair, charming, and one look from them can melt your panties off. Most normal/healthy men often look away when they speak to you. He Moves Fast — He wines & dines you every night and picks up the tab (for now). Just cut him off completely because that relationship won’t end well. He wants to make himself out to be the victim in every situation.But before you give him your number (or your panties); ask yourself: why is he single? He quickly proclaims that you’re his true love and soul mate. A perfect example of this would be Chris Brown crying for sympathy during the 2010 BET Awards. They don’t blame their problems on others or look for sympathy for problems that they cause themselves.

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(And as you’ll see later, this is also why a Mind Control seduction technique like Fractionation works wonders when used to manipulate a woman’s emotions. Let’s say things have suddenly taken a turn for the . By triggering off a plethora of positive and negative emotions linked back to you, she will start to recall even more of other Shared Experiences. Of course, if you’re familiar with Mind Control-based seduction techniques, you already know what I’m talking about here…

We’ll talk more about Fractionation later.) So here’s what I want you to do now: I want you to deliberately “craft” a series of “disasters” in her life in order to create these memorable Shared Experiences. These emotions will keep stacking on each other until they overwhelm her… It’s an age-old hypnosis technique called Anchoring.

You’re using the text messages to trigger off an old Anchor that you’ve placed in her when you created the Shared Experiences with her. off her past memories (using an Anchor) in order to get her to miss you. 🙂 Next, I’m gonna load you up with another Mind Control technique which will take your game one notch upwards…

With it, you can put any woman under your control and dominance for as long as you want. If you haven’t realized it already, women are 100% driven by their emotions.

It’s her natural “defense” mechanism which protects her against unwanted advances from guys.

Therefore, in order to stop a woman from rejecting or dumping you, you’ll need to bypass this defense mechanism. This is done simply by making her to experience both happiness and sadness together with you (hence the term “roller coaster”).

Master seducers have been known to use it to completely turn spunky, otherwise uncontrollable women into obedient little kittens . Below is a resource which you can use to learn Fractionation in its entirety.

It’s a Masterclass taught by Derek Rake (who had single-handedly brought Fractionation to the limelight in the recent times.) In this Masterclass, you’ll learn exactly what to do and say for it to work its magic.

For example, the conventional “dating gurus” and (shudder) “Pickup Artists” teach their followers to make women happy…

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