History and traditions of dating

at the earliest on 17 April and at the latest on 21 May.

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Dating back centuries before Christcultures brought evergreen trees, plants, and leaves into their homes upon the arrival of the winter solstice, which occurs in the northern hemisphere between December 21st and 22nd.

Although the specific practices were different in each country and culture, the symbolization was generally the same: Egyptians particularly valued evergreens as a symbol of life's victory over death.

In all areas of life, I believe being a lady displays self-respect, class, appreciation and etiquette.

It also allows you to enjoy the niceties of life with the ease of knowing how to act in all situations.

The largest event takes place in the Copenhagen park 'Fælledparken' (Copenhagen Common).

The day has gradually become more of a festival day than a campaign day.

Since 1929, it has been a widespread custom to please one’s mother with for instance a bunch of flowers.

The custom, which originally had a social purpose, comes from the USA.

I am a Russian man living in US, married and have a son and a daughter - wonderful kids. You have such a good understanding of the Russian life and delivering it to public - that amazes me.

Anatoli, Russian professor, physicist from Novosibirsk living in Houston.

Many of us want a true gentleman, but I believe we hold the power to the way we are treated in our hands.

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