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Hey Guys I pick this H&R Garand up couple months back and finally got to complete a Data Sheet on it and was wondering about a couple of things.

First, its not all original as it has a New Criterion Barrel on it, TE: 0 ME:0 but while working on doing the Data Sheet it appears that the rest of it seems to be H&R least I belive it does. The bolt is marked: D28287-12SA 011A then a Diamond it is parkerized. Everything else seems to be marked properly for an H&R On the trigger floor plate it has a faded white sticker which has these numbers on it: 100,200,400, 880, KY, KA8, 2A Anybody have an ideal what this sticker means ? I'd say you got a good deal on this one, especially if the bayonet was in the deal.

The SA in the bolt number designates it as a Springfield bolt.

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Thank Jerry for that info, next time I take it down I will look to see if there is any electro pencil markings.

Would you happen to know if the Square P marking also might mean from San Antonino ?

I read somewhere that that arsenal also used the square p mark, but I can find the article that I read it on Nice looking rifle.

I'd say you got a good deal on this one, especially if the bayonet was in the deal.

lookup the receiver serial number to get the production date of the receiver. Military Dates of Manufacture I'll add to aj98's post that once the barrel date is established to be "correct" for the receiver, you should look at the overall condition and finish; they should match, and also at the chamber, which should be "in the white" on an original barrel with the original finish, although there are exceptions to this, and the barrel/receiver could have been reparked over the years, so it's more of a guideline than a hard/fast rule.

pull back the op-rod and look at the side of the barrel for the production date (and manufacturer) of the barrel typically mm-yy ma where mm-yy = numeric month-numeric year ma=manufacturer (SA, WIN, HRA, IHC) barrels can pre/post date receiver by several months. I don't have numbers; according to Babcock's Photo Essay, the long pad extends as far as the splines on either side of the pad, while on the medium and short pads, the splines extend back further.There was a time when those who claimed they figured earlier SA parts and the odd W. A breakthrough so important that it alters the course of an industry is rare indeed. Harrington invented the top-breaking, shell-ejecting revolver. For the first time, handgunners had a firearm that was not only durable and accurate, but easy to load and unload as well. In World War II, the company was a major producer of military firearms, earning many commendations from the U. I'm sure you'll get more info on your rifle from some of the forum veterans.(A) Sentence may be suspended if a person, after conviction under section 2919.21 of the Revised Code and before sentence under that section, appears before the court of common pleas in which the conviction took place and enters into bond to the state in a sum fixed by the court at not less than five hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, with sureties approved by the court, conditioned that the person will furnish the child or other dependent with necessary or proper home, care, food, and clothing, or will pay promptly each week for such purpose to the office of child support in the department of job and family services, a sum to be fixed by the agency.The long pad is early production, the short pad is later to end of WW2, but Babcock doesn't list S/N ranges. And true, a month or two's variation is nothing to worry about.

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