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If you want to feel better, join him and watch porn together. It makes them feel sexy about themselves because they’re desired by the woman they love.And it’s a big compliment for a guy when he realizes that he can make a girl go wet and tingly down there without even initiating sex.He’ll feel helpless and weak, and he’ll hate you for it. Let’s move on now from the tear jerking to the other kind of jerking.

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If you could take a peek into a guy’s mind, would you? Or ponder over whether you even understand a guy and his mind? They’re not always the best of talkers, and almost all guys have a thick shell that’s hard to penetrate.

But if you’re having a hard time understanding the guys in your life, fret not, because here are 20 things guys secretly wish girls knew about them, that could actually make you their number one in no time!

[Read: Why guys watch porn instead of their girl in bed] And just so you know, you can’t stop him even if you tried, believe me!

But what you need to remember is this, he doesn’t love you any less just because he watches porn clips a couple of times a week. Guys love it when a girl initiates sex now and then, or even gets on top of them.

Take him to a tear jerking chick flick or an emotional inspirational movie and you’ll see him wiping his face with his sleeves when you’re engrossed in the movie. They don’t like losing control of their tear ducts, especially in front of a girl *unless he’s already cried in front of her before*.

So if you catch him sobbing discreetly form the corner of your eye, don’t turn around and laugh at his face.We’ve always been fascinated by a girl’s assets, and even if we’ve seen thousands of boobs on the computer screen, we can’t help but watch more when we get the time.Unless you’re guy is addicted to it or it’s affecting your sexual intimacy, let your man be.And at other times, we guys are too egoistic or full of machismo to drop our guard and reveal just how vulnerable and weak we actually are around girls.But almost all the time, we just wish girls could read our minds and understand what we’re really feeling inside.[Read: 12 foreplay tips for guys that work like a charm] #8 Space, dammit!

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