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Great Britain: Harold Cahill, Roger Flood, John Neill, James Deegan, Richard Oliver, David Wilman, Gerald Carr, Anthony Ekins, Keith Sinclair, Andrew Trentham, Jeremy Barham, Basil Christensen, Charles Donald, Timothy Lawson, Stuart Morris, Malcolm Read, Colin Whalley, Peter Wilson13.

Japan: Norihiko Matsumoto, Katsuhiro Yuzaki, Akio Takashima, Shigeo Kaoku, Tsuneya Yuzaki, Akio Kudo, Kyoichi Nagaya, Hiroshi Tanaka, Shozo Nishimura, Masashi Onda, Minoru Yoshimura, Akihito Wada, Yukio Kamimura, Kazuo Kawamura14.

Forget what they say about not trusting a fat cook. Well you know what it is about Yash Chopra productions and Habib Faisal.. Until it's time for putting the dish on dum, sorry time for the denouement ,when you had to turn down the flame allowing everything to cook in it's juices. Heck, no courtesan had to swallow a diamond ring and they had a do it yourself nikah, yay. Yes, there were was the ubiquitous biryani but it has been sexed up, so qabool hai.

Argentina: Eduardo Guelfand, Armando Cigognini, Jorge Piccioli, Osvaldo Monti, Fernando Calp, Jorge Tanuscio, Eduardo Anderson, Héctor Marinoni, Gerardo Lorenzo, Alberto Disera, Rodolfo Monti, Jorge Sabbione, Gabriel Scally, Daniel Portugués, Alfredo Quacquarini, Jorge Giannini, Carlos Kenny, Jorge Suárez15.

Malaysia: Ho Koh Chye, Francis Belavantheran, Naganathy Srishanmuganathan, Arulraj Michael, Alagaratnam Kumaratnam, Ibrahim Ameenuddin, Joseph Johnson, Savinder Singh, Arumugam Sabapathy, Yang Siow-Ming, Koh Hock Seng, Sewa Harnahal, Keo Chong-Jin, S.

West Germany: Wolfgang Rott, Günther Krauss, Utz Aichinger, Jürgen Wein, Klaus Greinert, Ulrich Vos, Detlef Kittstein, Norbert Schuler, Fritz Schmidt, Carsten Keller, Michael Krause, Wolfgang Müller, Dirk Michel, Eckart Suhl, Ulrich Sloma, Hermann End, Friedrich Josten, Wolfgang Baumgart5.

Netherland: Joost Boks, Aart Brederode, Edo Buma, Sebo Ebbens, John Elffers, Jan Piet Fokker, Otto ter Haar, Gerard Hijlkema, Arie de Keyzer, Ewald Kist, Tippy de Lanoy Meijer, Frans Spits, Heiko van Staveren, Theo Terlingen, Kick Thole, Theo van Vroonhoven, Piet Weemers6.

France: Jean-Paul Sauthier, Jean-Claude Merkes, Patrick Burtschell, Gilles Verrier, Marc Chapon, Georges Corbel, Claude Windal, Stephane Joinau, Charles Pous, Richard Dodrieux, Jean-Paul Capelle, Philippe Vignon, Georges Grain, Alain Pascarel, Albert Vanpoulle, Bernard Arlin, Jean-Paul Petit, Michel Windal11.

East Germany: Rainer Stephan, Axel Thieme, Eckhard Wallossek, Klaus Bahner, Horst Brennecke, Dieter Klaus, Lothar Lippert, Dieter Ehrlich, Karl-Heinz Freiberger, Reinhart Sasse, Hans-Dietrich Sasse, Rolf Thieme, Klaus Träumer, Helmut Rabis12.

NIMS Hospital - Saibaba Temple - Eenadu News Paper - Cheif Engineering Office - GVK Shopping Mall - Taj Krishna Hootel - Taj Deccan - RTA Office - VV Statue - Somajiguda, Rajbhavan - MS Maqta - Ameerpet - Asian Inistitute of Gastroenterology As emphasized earlier, information is vital to control crime in the city.

But it is equally important that the citizens take all precautions while passing such vital information.

Anupam Kher as the bewildered father about a world more cunning than his middle class sensibility has shades of his earlier stint building his Khosla Ka Ghosla, but as he brings his A game and kaafi tajruba kaar bawarchi hain you are ready to tuck in. I will add to that no pigeons , no hennaed beards, no Good Muslim taking a bullet as the azaan plays in the background .

And Aditya Roy, sigh, such a revelation, and I believe he did his own stunts wielding that doughy rotis. I hate what railway stations have done to film climaxes. No Col uncle as best friend and Johnny Walker at sunset.

Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh M Bhagwat said the police, acting on a tip-off, conducted a decoy operation at a hotel and apprehended the alleged racket kingpin Jogeshwar Rao and his associates L Gopal and K Gopi.

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