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Why must this seriously amazingly wonderful outstanding beautiful series die?? Me and my friend (we're 13 btw) were like the extreme fans of vampire diaries. is a good writer, I hope she will keep writing and create another great works to beat the evil thief. The hole series would definitely make a grate hit, and I would pay millions to watch my favorite series in a theatre. :)I do agree that it would be wicked to see all of the amazing adventures and soulmates bonding on the big screen however I would be afraid that the movies quite simply wouldnt live up to the books. The stories are cohesive, and I just keep coming back to more and more shows. There has been speculation that it was because of a disagreement over the endgame or an attempt to make the books like the show.

We've read all the books, and never missed an episode-EVER! Everyone's imagination is different so I'm certain different people interpret these stories in different ways and enjoy them for different reasons. I have the first original copies of vampire diaries from the 90s.. Why does Damon die in The Vampire Diaries Volume 3 Midnight? I believe Alloy was just looking for a way to keep more of the money from the books for themselves. Sign up in the right column of this page, if you haven't already. i read phantom before i found out that LJ didnt write it... It was an ending and a beginning, it leaves so many possibilities to what could happen next, and in a way I'm happy and couldn't have imagined a better ending/ cliff-hanger. Alloy sucks and just to let you know I will not continue to read any books that aren't written by Smith herself. The year she was born is private information that she has chosen not to share.

And so I started writing short stories, poetry, everything you can name, all about fantasy and magic and science fiction.

I began my first book in high school and I finished it in college.

I called The Night of the Solstice and I found an agent in a friend of the woman who typed up my manuscript.

This agent only sold books as a sort of hobby, and was not very knowledgeable about contracts, but she sent my book to Mac Millan Publishers Ltd., where it was (after a rewrite) taken on and published.

Lisa did not choose any of this to happen and fought it all she could. Fortunately, those are the only series that Alloy is a part of. Because I think thats just wrong on so many levels.

It was her imagination that gave those charactors life.

the "mask" forward you will see and feel that she is not to write, you must have all rights to write this story, and it is thanks to her that she has become so famous ... I wonder if she ever imagined the furor her "dreams" would cause? I have been a Vampire Diaries fan since day 1 and I am so disapointed that Lisa Jane Smith will no longer be writing the saga. Is there any chance that she will post a TSC story in this site.?

*desperately hoping she will* More power to you Lisa Jane Smith..we, your faithful readers, will forever support and love you..

I literally forbid myself to watch the show when The Vampire Diaries hit the TV scene. Lisa didn't fully understand what this clause meant and her agent did not explain it. What has happened to the VD books is absolutely disgraceful. I once was an avid television watchers when I was young, but as I got older I stopped watching t.v. I just have to say that I find it unethical for a publisher to use the name if the work inside is not created by the author. As an avid reader of her works I am disgusted on her behalf. Smith and handed them over to a no name writer is highly upsetting.

Alloy has chosen to replace Lisa with a ghostwriter for Vampire Diaries after Midnight and any Secret Circle sequels. Plea When I heard there was a new Vampire Diaries book coming out, I was ecstatic. I started reading it and noticed it didn't pull me in as much as the previous novels. I am so disppointed that we will never get to find out what would have happened to our favorite characters if L. because of the dull programs in our industry today. It's very misleading to the public and if the work is not well written then it reflects bad on L. Michelle Hughes - Author I feel like a lot of the other readers here that the fact the Alloy pretty much took two of my fav. I used to look forward to the new releases but the only ones i will look forward to now are the books truly written by the authors i love Lisa isn't writing any more VD or SC books because Alloy decided to give these series to a ghostwriter.

My favorite people are my readers, each of whom I I was born in Florida, but my father, who had been a football star at Clemson University, decided to go into business with a partner that required him to move several times and I ended up in southern California when I was a toddler, and I lived there until I moved to the Bay Area of northern California. I would tell poems to my mother before I learned how to read (I didn't learn until I was in kinergarten) and sometimes she would write them down. I was always making up stories and then acting them out with the kids on the block. But I always believed in one thing, that I was going to find MAGIC. And when I lived through being nine and didn't find it I was sure that by the time I was twelve (three times three plus three) I would surely find it. And then I realized that if I wasn't going to just find magic, I would have to make it for myself.

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