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I did not find placement or orientation of the DWA-160 to be an issue.It worked fine when just left hanging, or lying on its side on a table.It worked, with speeds a bit faster than the original 802.11g, but it was slow to connect and even slower to re-connect after a sleep - if it would re-connect at all. I found a D-Link DWA-160 dual-band USB adapter at a good price locally and thought I would try it.

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Initially I could not make it respond at all and thought it might be DOA, but after de-installing the Edimax and D-Link software and then re-installing the D-Link utility, it all worked just fine. It will not, however, work with older WEP encryption.

We have two networks: a b/g/n one at 2.4 GHz and an n-only network on 5 GHz. (You should avoid using WEP if at all possible - WPA2 is a better choice if all your wireless devices support it.) The DWA-160 also worked without a hitch on the Mini running 10.5.8.

The DWA-160 does not, however, report as many neighborhood networks as the Edimax does. - Harold" Broadcom N chip PCI Card in G5 Tower: (1/25/2010) Late posting a page on this but see Netgear WN311B-110ISS Rangemax (802.11n) PCI card in G5 Tower for details/pix/screenshots.

(From Jan 7th, 2010 mail.) 802.11N card swaps in Early (Core Duo) Mac Book Pros revisited: Hello Mike, I've just installed a Spark LAN WPEA-110N card (802.11a/b/g/n Dual-Band Mini PCI Express Module, Atheros AR9280) in my (early/core duo) Mac Book Pro, it's based on the Atheros 9280 chipset used in the new i Macs.

The Dell 1500 worked (same broadcom chipset as the 2007 Mac Pro kit card) Apple OEM 802.11n Mini-PCIe Cards for Mac Pros, some Mac Notebooks: Stock can vary but as of summer 2013 sponsor OWC's wireless page had several Apple OEM (original mac equipment) 802.11n/a/b/g cards.

Check link for current stock status and pricing as they may sell out.

(Although most N cards in Macs are Broadcom based, some earlier model 802.11N capable Macs (notebooks typically) had Atheros AR5008 based cards (noted some years ago on the Mac 802.11n page here).

And back in spring 2007 when the Core Duo Mac Book Pro N card upgrade guide here was posted, some readers used Dell 1500 cards bought on ebay - I think they were atheros based also back then.

Early Mac Book Pro (core duo) Guide on swapping in Mac Pro 802.11n Wireless card William Rivas sent a writeup with photos of upgrading his Core Duo Mac Book Pro with a () Airport Extreme (802.11n compatible) card for the Mac Pro.

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