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Early Career Researchers and Scientists (collectively 'ECRs') now have their own network for data sharing and data stewardship. Its role is to help foster better communication among ECRs, design activities targeting ECRs interests and concerns, and share ideas on how ECRs can best shape their role for future data sharing. European Members of the International Council for Science (ICSU) have released a statement based on the workshop 'Open Data in Science: Challenges and Opportunities for Europe' organized in partnership with the All European Academies in January 2018 in Brussels: Open Data in Science in Europe This workshop consulted 80 representatives from across Europe of science academies, ...

Any service organization exists to serve its customers.

Dr Beek will be presented with the 2018 Award and a prize at International Data Week 2018 .

The new Scientific Committee (SC) of the World Data System has been appointed for a three-year period commencing on 1 July 2018.

The new Committee was chosen by the Executive Board of the International Council for Science, taking into account gender and geographical balance, and that at least one-third of the Committee are Directors of WDS Member Organizations. Congratulations to Dr Wouter Beek, who has been chosen by the WDS Scientific Committee (WDS-SC) as the 2018 winner of the WDS Data Stewardship Award.

Make data more readily searchable to a non-technical audience.

Develop a data search page intended for inexperienced and non-specialist users, containing popular data products and explanations of these products.

In the 'European State of the Climate 2017' report, presented at the European Parliament in April 2018, glaciers represent one-out-of-five 'Headline Climate Indicators', which focus on long-term key indicators for global and regional climate change.

On the global level, the World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS; WDS Regular Member) is in charge of compiling changes in glacier length, area, volume, and mass, based on in-situ (length, mass) and remote sensing (area, volume) measurements.

For a science data repository, the customers are users of its data, be they researchers or applied users in the scientific domain of that repository.

For the data repository to serve the community best, it is essential that its managers understand the requirements of the users, respond to their changing needs, and evolve with technological changes as well.

WGMS actively fosters glacier observations from space through several initiatives, such as its cooperation with the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) or the Climate Change Initiative of the European Space Agency.

programme, which is Europe’s flagship project to monitor the Earth and her many ecosystems.

The UWGs also hold teleconferences a few times each year.

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