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Contents: Foreword; Jzef Buszko -- Konzentrationslager Auschwitz; Danuta Czech -- The prisoners; Tadeusz Iwaszko -- Extermination; Franciszek Piper -- The resistance movement in and around the camp; Barbara Jarosz -- The liberation of the camp and aid to the freed prisoners; Andrzej Strzelecki. "This small but important book was distributed in by the American War Information Unit at the end of the World War II in order to convey to the civilian population the enormity of the crimes committed by the Nazis in the name of the German people. Clearly cancelled "FURSTENBERG 12.2.45" (HOLO2-25-24) (ID #4981) 5.00. Warszawa: Centralna zydowska komisja historyczna, 1946.

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Foxman did not repeat this call during the 2004 election, when religion again entered the public square, for he was still regaining his balance after a nearly year-long controversy over Mel Gibsons controversial film The Passion of the Christ.

Foxmans initial private and respectful inquiries to Gibson went unanswered. World War, 1939-1945 -- Personal narratives, Jewish. Originally bound in flimsy and fragile paper wrappers, this copy has been rebound in stiff wrappers; sturdy cardstock front cover with original wrapper cover affixed.

Three were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. During 1945-46, Justice Jackson was the architect of the international trial process and then the chief prosecutor of the surviving Nazi leaders at . The photos were takenat 5 liberated camps: Buchenwald, , Gardelegen, Nordhausen, & Ohrdruf, and often show German civilians or SS men being forced to bury, move or view bodies. Originalstapled wrappers, printed in grey and black; First edition. Light wear, Very Good condition; Date February 1945 Very late 'formula lettersheet" from woman at Ravenbruck. At the rear are a bibliography, Subject index, and names index.

The death sentences were carried out on October 11, 1946. With 66 pages of plates; including photos, folded maps and facsimiles. KZ was used as an abbreviation of Konzentrationslage (concentration camp). Light wear, folding crease, crease tear to margins of last 5 leaves, touching one photo. THe first word "dearest" is written within a heart. Number of copies printed is not indicated, but given the expensive full black leather binding, as well as notations on the colophon regarding typeface, printer, and type of paper used, one would presume this to be one of a fairly limited edition.

Three imperatives that have shaped his life are the legacy of the Holocaust, particularly his experience as a hidden child, and his belief in the necessity of working to insure the security of the State of Israel and the safety of Jews to live freely as Jews everywhere, especially the .

In 2000, Foxman rebuked Democratic vice presidential candidate Senator Joseph Lieberman, who spoke of the need for religious values in American life, for injecting religion into the public square. Lodzsh, [Centralna Zydowska Komisja Historyczna], 1947. Paper Wrappers, Small 8vo, 109 pages, with an additional [9] leaves of plates (1 folds out). On September 20, 1940, the first prisoners arrived. Warm, personal full-page 109 word autograph inscription on half-title. Paper Wrappers, Small dampstain at bottom of front cover, a tough of edgewear, Very Good Condition; 8vo; 80 pages; Collection of poems about freedom fighters and the liberation struggle in Denmark (& Norway). Light wear to cover with some bumping at corners and small price sticker on back. Eduard Maurits Meijers and other Jewish colleagues. In 1940, Cleveringa delivered a famous speech in which he protested against the German occupation authorities dismissal from Leiden of his teacher and colleague Prof. OCLC lists 2 copies worldwide (FAU & Nat Lib Auerbach, Rachel (Rahel Oyerbakh).

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