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Then 7 days later I get an email saying they cant help me, even after the previous email they sent me saying they could.

From what I have heard, they also have the mannerism to terminate you in the most unfair way. About 80% of the people you find in games never speak and just plain do nothing. and also to get "ROBUX" you need to buy it with adebit card to get so this game is really full of sh#t Blown away by this game.

I can keep going like this for awhile, But i'll end it here. Roblox customer service rep called my daughter a liar and told me it was't hacked, while I was literally staring at someone playing under her account name. The community is better than any other community to exist, fighting off the bad in the virtual worlds.

The filter is absolutely bad, everything's still censored after 2 years! I am ending this here, as there is too much to talk about this game, and just to let you know I am NOT a parent, I was a 4 year veteran of this game. I was hacked two times and told Roblox about it and all they did was send me two emails each time saying that they could not help me.

The second time I was hacked everything was deleted from my inventory.

I exchanged multiple messages and each time got a reply from a different person, and even after six or seven replies from different people, there was no interest in helping with a relatively simple question--how to reset a lost password. AL dem hatrs out der in da world on the gam should honestle gust shut up. It didn't work, I also tried uninstalling roblox also didn't work and even then it still tired to get me into a game when I didn't click any thing I haven't re installed roblox yet but will try in a minute but I need help solving the transportation problem. She will never follow me or my other friend into a game because it takes too long so I did spend a lot of time following her that might be the problem.

They would not allow her to do this through the password reset button because we did not have a credit card on file, even when I offered to add one through customer service and to verify her account ownership by answering any questions they wanted to ask (list of friends, device IP, recent logins, etc). But so far nothing to stop being teleported to her games has worked.

He has been exposed on youtube to be one of those unholy things.

Yet, if you look him up on google, he is still here. When they have people who online date on roblox, those online daters will want to buy items inorder to look not so "newbie" or more attractive. As a parent and guardian of two children who plays on Roblox, I highly recommend avoiding this game at all means. I haven't seen new games come anywhere near the front page in months. As I have stated above, I don't like these players. They allow you to make your own character for free!

Roblox needs to stand behind what they say and fix these issues. v=Tn8X9E3OMnc Firstly, their moderation system is trash.

Sources: https://uk/2018/06/05/girl-6-invited-sex-room-playing-childrens... Secondly there is a history of online daters who date on roblox, in which they don't care about.

Now my daughter cannot ever log out of the game or she loses everything she has created in the game.

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