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The shop we drove next had a white dress which was a little longer than the black one we’d purchased before but it was very low-necked too. Besides I selected a golden chain for her black dress. So, it seemed that my wife had nothing under the dress just this chain. When we came home she started trying on her new garments. When we were leaving our city it was cold there but on arriving at Turkey we noticed how hot it was in this country.

Then we bought thongs and decided she needed no bra as she was pretty enough not to wear it.

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When she left the bathroom I pointed her at the clothes lying on the bed. The swimsuit included only panties that were so small that could hide only her pubis and two thin strips went to her bottom.

We took a bag with different stuff and walked to the beach. My wife couldn’t make up her mind to take off the dress. He promised an excursion for us that made my wife very happy.

The fabric was wet and it exposed her swollen vulva lips to the locals and tourist. I realized the Turk was drilling into her twat already! To distract me from viewing that Ainsley suggested me visiting a restaurant the next day and we started discussing the matter. In the hotel I told her I’d seen her and the Turk fucking in the water. I felt very confused being rammed in front of everybody…

When we were leaving water I looked at her panties and felt satisfied. The game is interesting.” I refused and kept on playing cards. A couple of moments later I looked around the beach and saw a strong tanned Turk followed her. Ainsley and I had drunk a couple of beers when my wife told me she was going to bathe one more time. They were obviously standing with their feet on the bottom for I saw my whore bent a bit forward as if she was lying with her boobs on his huge hands. I don’t really know what he’d told her but when I came up to them she was eager to go to the restaurant. He just swam up to me from behind, gripped my boobs and began whispering something. Then he would enter me so deeply that I moaned being afraid somebody would hear me.

He had been waiting for us for long as we were late.

It was time to meet Ainsley at the entrance of the restaurant.

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Well, me, I've fucked two women, my first wife and my second wife. I was a virgin when I met my first wife, Laura, and it took us about six months before we had sex.

But she left the water in a hurry with her face red. I’ll have a look now…” She wanted to slid away from me into the bathroom but I didn’t allow her. “I’ll check it myself” I said and pulled the shorts off.

Then I paid attention to the fact he was rubbing against her.

When you wear it twice they will stretch enough.” I asked her not to change the clothes. And we chose black high-stiletto shoes to suit the dress.

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