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Other categories include best bathroom for sex (try Home Sweet Home, New Yorkers), the spot that gets the sex started (vivid description, and head to Bushwick’s House of Yes).More typical options include well-hidden haunt, boozy date spot (aren’t they all? and venture to Williamsburg’s wine bar, The Four Horsemen.Users will also be able to manually remove individual places, if you'd rather not reveal to matches that you go to the same taco place three times a week.

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The pre-Tinder dating site (basically a dinosaur in swiping terms) partnered with Foursquare (remember them?

) to create a list of the hottest first date spots across the country.

Foursquare doesn't just broadcast your location to other users.

It also serves as a game, pairing virtual rewards with real activities. Visit one location enough times and you become the mayor.

Places will be entirely opt-in, and uses location data partially gleamed from a collaboration between Tinder and Foursquare.

Users will have to decide to turn it on, and it won't display locations like doctor's offices, banks, and other non-social businesses you'd rather not broadcast to potential dates.

You can use Foursquare to meet new friends, find out who else is in your area or compete against other people in your city.

Every week, over 50,000 people are asked out on Ok Cupid. Later this month, we’ll announce the winning venue in each category for each city.

The service would then send that information to other Dodgeball members in the area.

The idea was that you could use the service to meet up with old friends or make new ones while out on the town.

They even found the top Instagram filtered bar in each city, according to its residents.

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