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ON TO THE SEMIFINALS A 34-20 win over Brawley on March 5 moved the Hilltoppers into the round of 4 on March 13 at Whittier College against Tustin, which had a 24-4 record.San Diego battled back from a 19-12 halftime deficit to a tie at 23, but the Tillers behind the Francis brothers, “Pivoting” Paul and “Slinging” Sam, pulled away to a 34-30 victory.

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Alhambra guard Shannon Deniston was better known as Shan when he coached football at Lincoln, and San Diego from 1955-81, posting a 94-81-4 record.

SIGN OF THE TIME No longer will San Diego State athletes be mistaken for lettermen from Sweetwater, Santa Ana, J. “An interlocking SD debuted when lettermen from football got their sweaters at a college dance,” said Byrne.

Class B teams were not junior varsities and not necessarily inferior to Class A (varsity) clubs.

The B designation was based on exponents, which combined height, weight, and age.

It was not unusual for seniors to play on B squads.

Under Coach Bruce Maxwell, Hoover ruled the B world, many times playing the feature, late game of a doubleheader with the Class A Cardinals team on the undercard.

The schools Byrne mentioned also matched Aztec colors of red and black.

“The Aztecs could still be mistaken for the University of South Dakota, but the Coyotes colors are yellow and blue,” said Byrne.

Hoover tied for first with Long Beach Poly and was declared champion because it had beaten the Jackrabbits, but the Cardinals’ days of Class B domination were coming to an end.

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