Flash dating game with real girls

The smash hit battle royale game that was released in 2017 is now available in mobile form for both i OS and Android gamers.

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But while some assume that the experience is poor on a mobile device, the F2P mobile game actually features mechanics we’d love to see transferred to the main game.

Most notably, when looting, useful attachments and items will be automatically picked up and equipped – ideal for those who aren’t sure about the myriad of weapon attachments available in PUBG.

No best Android games list is complete without the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go.

True, it has lost some of its popularity since it debuted - to more excitement than we have ever seen for an Android game - in summer 2016, but there are still some die-hard players out there, and thanks to continuous updates Niantic and The Pokémon Company have managed to keep things fairly fresh.

There are loads of round-ups of the best Android games on the web, so what makes ours different?

Well, for a start, we’ve included not only the most recent trending titles, but also our favourite games of all time - the ones we routinely go back to, despite them being released several years ago. We also recognise that sometimes you have to put your hand in your pocket if you want something truly special, so while the majority of the Android games in our list are free, there are a couple of paid-for games, too.

This is an augmented-reality game, loved by anyone who has ever loved Pokémon (so that’s most kids - and most big kids) or anyone who is likely to get sucked into the hype of the latest trend.

It will also appeal to competitive types, who can attempt to find the most, best and most powerful Pokémon, then compete to win gyms (found at real-world places such as landmarks, shopping centres and train stations).

For those unaware, you take control of Alto as he embarks on an endless snowboarding adventure, travelling across incredibly detailed and vibrant environments and making death-defying jumps across bottomless chasms.

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