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They can't possibly conceive of a more comfortable or different way of life.

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We take many journeys in life where we know very little about our destination. Our most powerful fear is rooted in our inability to imagine our nonexistence. Perhaps we will no longer have any consciousness of our being. But what if the reality of death is totally different?

Perhaps to be dead means to be gone forever with the only remnant of our having existed confined to memories among the living. What if death is not the end of life but the beginning of a new kind of existence?

I was confident it would be like all the other times.

Both my mother and father lived into healthy old age.

What I have found to my great surprise is that living life with a real awareness of its eventual end can actually be a source of great blessing.

Related Article: Life after Death Fearing Death What is it that makes us so afraid of death?"I can't believe," he says with assurance, "that God would have put us here for nine months, cared for us, nurtured us, and allowed us to grow and develop without any purpose.There must be some greater plan that we still do not know.Most often I seemed to know what to say to those confronted by the gravest challenges. Yet this time I realized it was so totally different. We assume we will live forever even though no one has ever accomplished that feat.We expunge the possibility from our minds as if by denying its inevitability we can prevent its certainty.It asks us to imagine the following scenario: Picture twins before birth resting peacefully in the womb of their mother.

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