Fat women and dating datinglady

First, let me preface this with a thank you to The Crunk Feminist Collective – yes, you read that right – for even existing…

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(Three) And of course there is that story of the time that Crunkadelic and I went to one of those Big Beautiful Women parties.

But um, I’m not trying to date a dude with a fat fetish.

They don’t want a partner who complains about how much time they spend “up in the gym, just workin’ on their fitness.” You and I might know that now, but I certainly didn’t know it before. People often misjudge me as one of those people who loses weight and now “hates” fat people to the point where I would high-five them for telling me these things.

You also start to notice the pairs on the subway, late on a “date night,” out together. Big girls have to live, date and eventually love in this environment.

No hate on fetishes, but being the object of that particular one feels…objectifying.

I want to date a man that has a range of desires wide enough to see a big girl as attractive. Getting back to Big Boi, the reality is that Big Girls do need love. So as much as I resent the limited range of desire that it seems (Black) men have and the ever-present male privilege that allows them to never have to interrogate their sexual and romantic investments, I hate my limited partnering prospects much more. ) In my thirties, I’m prioritizing self-care and that includes being loved on and getting my groove on. And I know for sure that those things are feminist.

I also love environments where women of color can come, converse, and be in support of women and vociferously defend their stance as such in a realistic fashion.

I’m sad to say, there isn’t enough of that out here.

The idea that we’re only attractive within a range of sizes is absurd. The homeboy of one of my homegirls happened to be in the club. My homegirl indicated to me at some point that I should make sure to meet him, because she thought we’d have similar interests.

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