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Joint custody means that both parents have an equal say in the major decisions effecting your children's lives.Major decisions are defined as religious, educational and health care issues.

Additionally, if court orders are entered either during or after the case that our not complied with, and the spouse seeking to enforce the agreement is forced to incur attorney's fees, the court will order that those fees be reimbursed if the individual violating the court order did so without substantial cause or justification.

Illinois law allows a spouse to legally contest the grounds for the divorce, but it does not require that the parties live together even if the divorce can be successfully thwarted.

In other words an individual cannot move out and then file a Petition for Legal Separation. Usually prime candidates for legal separation are people attempting to protect their respective assets from the other's creditors because once the legal separation is granted, bills incurred by one spouse are not the liability of the other spouse.

Illinois law does not allow the permanent departure of the state with minor children without prior leave of court.

Shared custody is a non-traditional form of custody that is designed to increase the amount of time the children have with both parents The amount of child support paid is based upon the number of children of the marriage.

Under Illinois law, there are certain minimum guidelines for the payment of child support based upon a percentage of the payor's net income.

Note, it costs approximately 0.00 more in court costs to be the Plaintiff than the Defendant The more issues that are unresolved and the more the parties disagree, the longer the case will take.

Typically, it takes approximately one month to have the paper work completed and to obtain a final court date.

The procedure is similar to commencing a divorce and involves filing a Petition for Legal Separation.

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