Fast and easy credit card consolidating

Last updated: Wednesday, July 18, 2018Credit scores (also known as FICO scores) of 650, 660, 670, 680, and 690 fall in the range of average to above average.

On the higher end of this range, a FICO score of 675 or above can be considered “good.” The best credit cards and lowest interest rates are typically reserved for those with excellent credit scores, which begin at about 725.

\n","author":54,"featured_media":181403,"comment_status":"open","ping_status":"open","sticky":false,"template":"pages.article.article-show","format":"standard","meta":[],"category":[235],"tags":[8449,1597,382,34,393,3815],"canonical_url":"https:\/\/ your life changes, so should your credit cards.

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If the card is for travel, is it commonly accepted in the places you visit or by the airlines you fly?

If it’s for a balance transfer, you have to be sure the credit limit on your new card is high enough for the amount you want to transfer.

If not, “your request for a new card so you can transfer that balance isn’t going to work,” says Linda Sherry, director of national priorities for Consumer Action.

After you’ve done your research and decided which card you want, hold off on applying if you plan to make a big purchase, like a home or car, within 12 months.

If you’re selective with applications, you can get what you want and minimize potential damage to your credit score.

But if you have good credit, a lengthy credit history and a number of accounts, a hard inquiry should shave only a few points off your score, says Ethan Dornhelm, vice president for score and analytics at Fair Isaac Corp., developer of the FICO score.

\n The question becomes whether you should ask your card issuer to switch you to a more suitable credit card or just get a new card from a new issuer.

If you want the cards you carry to fit your life, there are five things you need to know before you make a change.\n If you want a cash-back card for everyday purchases like groceries and gas, do the places you frequent accept the card?

That said, you can still get a good deal on a credit card with a credit score in the high six hundreds.

Although you might qualify for a no-fee rewards credit card with a credit score between 650 and 699, you have a better chance of getting approved with the Capital One® Quicksilver One® Cash Rewards Credit Card, which has a modest annual fee annual fee but pays unlimited 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases.

You can also perform safer online transactions through a mobile support secured approval and do instant transfers with just a recipient's name. FIND OUT MORE Earn attractive income easily with minimum 0.1% referral fee and submit referrals via your mobile device.

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