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I'm enjoying it while it lasts and it's been a lot of fun so far, but outside of the stuff I've pointed out above, she is just a normal girl and we also do normal stuff like hang out and eat dinner together. The biggest downside is people recognising her outside of work.Everytime we go to a club we'll encounter people who she's danced for.Most people reading this board would be looking for the former.

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My girl earns on average x10 her weekly salary through stripping at the weekend.

She has earned up to £2k a night doing what she does.

Ask her about herself and her life and if she's genuine herself, she will REALLY appreciate that.

Me and my friend had a convocation with this particular girl and I could tell she wasn't bullshitting us like the rest. I got the impression she was interested so later on I asked her if she fancied going for a drink someone time, turns out did. Signs that a girl is genuinely interested in you could be:- She seems more genuine than other girls- She talks to you for a long period of time and doesn't look bored- She tells you get real name (this is a big one, because not many people get their real name)- She talks to you about her real life- She doesn't ask you to buy a dance (but if you offer, she will see that as a good thing and get to talk to you for longer)5.

I was the first person my girl met outside of work in the 6 months she's been doing it, but other girls at her club regularly meet people to charge them for sex.6.

Strippers generally fall into two categories: the 'normal' ones who work a day job and strip on a weekend (do it for the money) and the 'party' ones who take a lot of drugs and don't have another job (do it because its easy money).

So they will be discerning about who they spend their time with outside of work and while most want to have a man they can trust, they are independent enough not to rush into anything.

So if you do get lucky like I did, there some pretty good perks you can look forward to:1.

If she wants to meet you she will most likely give you her name so you find her on Facebook.

She can do that without her boss realising what's going on and it also tells her how much you're into her if you find on FB the next day.

You get free lap dances - Now since you're in a strip club, I would guess you like lap dances.

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