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Grave 43 contained more gold than has been found in the entire rest of the world for that epoch.Three symbolic graves contained masks of unbaked clay.

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In the 1980s and 1990s it was also shown in Canada, Germany, France, Italy, and Israel, among others, and featured in a cover story by the National Geographic Magazine.

The Varna necropolis artifacts were shown for the first time in the United States in 19 as part of a major Bulgarian archaeological exhibition, Thracians' Riches: Treasures from Bulgaria.

The culture had sophisticated religious beliefs about afterlife and had developed hierarchical status differences.

The site offers the oldest known burial evidence of an elite male (Marija Gimbutas claims that the end of the fifth millennium BC is the time that the transition to male dominance began in Europe).

The findings showed that the Varna culture had trade relations with distant lands (possibly including the lower Volga and the Cyclades), perhaps exporting metal goods and salt from the Provadiya rock salt mine.

The copper ore used in the artifacts originated from a Sredna Gora mine near Stara Zagora, and Mediterranean Spondylus shells found in the graves may have served as primitive currency.

A total of 294 graves have been found in the necropolis, There are crouched and straight inhumations.

Some graves do not contain a skeleton, but grave gifts (cenotaphs).

The artifacts can be seen at the Varna Archaeological Museum and at the National Historical Museum in Sofia.

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