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The idea is not totally false; however, it is also not entirely accurate.

Some use it to casually meet up; others use it for friendships; for others, online dating has become localized as the natural progression of the traditional Egyptian khatba, who we see in most old movies and who is hired to help in finding a suitable marriage partner.

“Our problem also is that outings are expensive for most people.

I would be online all day and if I received any message, it would be a good way to be entertained,” she adds. Najib further explains that lower social classes, and the ones that are the most traditional, actually resort to online dating even more.

I met a young man who played the funny flirtation game really badly.

I met an Iraqi refugee trying to get from Greece to Europe.

Lina Saad, 23, recounts two different experiences with Tinder, an international mobile dating application. “Upper-middle and upper classes go out more and do more activities, which makes it easier for them to meet others.

The first time, Saad says, “All the men who approached me would jump in the first few sentences to ‘are you a virgin? They wanted to see how far I would go.” She deleted the application after only three days but then went back a year later, was “pickier” and “more attentive” and she has been using it for six months so far and “no one even mentioned sex.” Saad is using Tinder for casual chats and dating; and she is not looking for marriage, as she says. We don’t go out every week, the community is very judgmental. So the online part would not be the first [stage] of the relation but the other way around.

However, according to counseling psychologist and founder of Inside Out counseling Center Najla Najib, these traditions are actually a very good incentive for online dating, and not the opposite. “Many families do not allow their girls to even go out for group outings.

They don’t accept their daughters to date; therefore, online dating becomes more popular and more applicable for the girls,” Najib explains.

The first thing he asked me was whether I was married.

I asked him if he is used to meeting married girls on dating applications.

He said ‘no’ then he went on to ask me if I had a boyfriend; I found that weird.

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