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Our results show that B-vitamin supplementation can slow the atrophy of specific brain regions that are a key component of the Alzheimer process and that are associated with cognitive decline.

There is a small subset of dementias that are reversible with vitamin B12 therapy and this treatment is inexpensive and safe.

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Effects of staying single vs dating

After all, that’s the most well-known benefit of B12 shots, right? Research suggests vitamin B12 injections may help with that too.

Vitamin B12 is involved in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. I’ll say it again: B12 deficiency left untreated for a prolonged period can cause serious, permanent damage to your nerve system.

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Most interesting, the MRI scans showed that those who were B12 deficient actually had their brain SHRINK!

Another study finds similar results: High-dose B-vitamin treatment (folic acid 0.8 mg, vitamin B6 20 mg, vitamin B12 0.5 mg) slowed shrinkage of the whole brain volume over 2 years …

If you’ve been deficient for a while, newly-restored B12 levels will have a somewhat magical effect on your energy levels. This is the number reason why you should hurry up and get your B12 levels back up if you’re deficient. Think of your brain and nerve system as a huge, dense tangle of wires.

Around each of those wires, there’s an insulating sheath called myelin, and vitamin B12 is involved in the synthesis and repair of this very protective layer.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is often associated with cognitive deficits. MRI scans were taken as well as B12 deficiency markers. Lo and behold: The closer a subject was to being B12 deficient, the lower their score was on the cognitive tests.

Memory and concentration were both improved on subjects with better B12 markers.

Studies show that very high doses of methylcobalamin B12 may promote neuronal function and enhance nerve regeneration.

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