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It is also flexible, in the sense that this CMS can power all kinds of websites and you can practically build anything, be it an event management site, a simple blog, a personal website, or a full-fledged e Commerce website. Provides Greater Accessibility: Easy accessibility across various platforms is one of the reasons why Word Press is the best CMS.

It uses a free license server software and can be installed on either Linux or Windows servers.

It is the most popular content management system and the fact that it has a standard Word Press dashboard makes it a universal platform that can be effectively used by anyone.

It is a and one can learn how to use Word Press as CMS in a jiffy.

Once your site is developed, you don’t need experts to manage it, as it requires zero programming & coding skills. Easy To Set-up: As mentioned-above, Word Press requires zero programming and coding skills.

Word Press is ever-evolving with developers continuously testing and enhancing its various components, thus providing you with the best resources that will help you to manage your Word Press website effectively. Word Press Is Reliable: According to statistics from W3Techs, 28.6% of all websites are powered by Word Press, compared to its competitor Joomla (3.3%) and Drupal (2.3%).

This is a testimony in itself of the power and reliability of Word Press.

Thereby, giving you the right (as a site owner) to decide what a user can or can’t do on your website. Inexpensive To Run and Maintain: To run a Word Press powered website all you need is a good domain name and a reliable web hosting.

Moreover, since Word Press is a robust CMS, where developers provide regular updates, the cost of maintaining a Word Press site is not high either.

Thus, if you are planning to engage a Web Design Company to build a new website or if you are considering switching your current website to another CMS, then we recommend that you use the Word Press platform. This post covers every aspect of Word Press and will help you make an informed choice as to why using Word Press as a CMS is better than any other traditional website.

When it comes to managing and maintaining a website, using Word Press as a CMS as a great many advantages.

Word Press is a simple and free Content Management System with numerous features and ample customization possibilities.

It can be used to develop any kind of website, be it for a small business or for a large enterprise.

Firstly, you can start using Word Press right out-the-box as soon as it is installed.

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