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If your company working on professional driving simulator, racing games or even games for mobile Car X (interactive car physics engine) may be the best solution for you.

The torque output is well represented on RWD and FWD cars, the differentials are a bit tight and u can see how inner wheel spin on pitch corners easily, in curious of how would them work with lower values.

The cars have very marked differences, my favorite is the R34 which have the stronger force feedback and u can really FEEL the car weight.

After all, the best thing i find on Car X is something that u cannot do intentionally, Car X been VERY ADDICTIVE to me, is not online, is not a finished game, is just a showoff demo and still difficult to me close the program, i spin over and over again the circuit hitting curbs and cones, braking hard and watching replays.

Can`t imagine how addictive would be a game with this physics but a lot more features.

- Simple driving allows you to go sideways and enjoy the game in full.

- Burn tires and leave prints on the track - Cover tracks with the deep smoke while drifting - High speed - Awesome soundtrack THE REAL ARCADE MOBILE RACING GAME - CAR MANIA: DRIFT RACING - Car realistic behavior - Incredible feeling of drifting - Customization: color your car and stick the vinyl decals!

Just want to mention an amazing control with the keyboard, in simulations it is usually impossible or very difficult, Car X offers easy control with the keys while maintaining excellent control over the car, and on the steering wheel feels returns that accurately conveys all the feelings from the wheels.

I believe that with Car X car physics engine one can do the best hardcore car simulator like LFS, and "semi arcade" like NFS with stunning transfer of car behavior with simple handling.

I believe a lot of people will enjoy Need for speed games with Car X, and not just Need for Speed, any racing game can be just perfect with Car X, just because of these amazing physics.

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