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"Sex is the ultimate act of union between two individuals, so when you're having sex with someone in your dreams, it may mean that you want what they have."MORE: What Your 10 Most Common Dreams Say About You Getting it on with your boss.

Yes, this dream means you want to get closer with your boss—but not in that way.

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“If you are working on a degree or writing a book or working on some project, for example, your dreaming mind will show it to you in the form of a pregnancy to reflect that this project or endeavour is in the gestation phase and to remind you that the end result will likely be a ‘new life’ for you!

” Grandfathered GIF The dream: You’d never suspect your sweetheart was doing the dirty with a secret lover in a million years, but in dreamland they’re suddenly hooking up with an unknown beauty behind your back.

A dream about flying could be indicative of frustrations regarding the current state of your own sex life, or could simply be your mind playing its' subconscious highlight reel. Hey, you and George Clooney can be single in your subconscious, but as good as the dream-sex may have been, it's not really about him (sorry, George! Instead, dreams about having sex with a celebrity may indicate that you seek the spotlight in your own life. If this happens every so often, it may simply be your brain sifting through its mental hard drive.

Volunteer to spearhead a project at work, speak up with friends and family, or take an improv class (hey, why not? Maybe his birthday is coming up, or maybe you saw a Tweet from him in your feed, but it doesn't mean that he's the one who got away or that you subconsciously want to get back together.

However, if you're dreaming about him a lot, or are pretty sure those dreams sparked from your hour-long deep dive Google searches of his name, it could be a sign that there are issues in your current relationship that need addressing.

Ever woken up befuddled after imagining a steamy kiss from an ex or dreamed you and your boo were happily married with a kid in tow?

“Typically this sort of dream would suggest that the two of you have recently connected on a deeper level OR that you have found a particular quality of your friend attractive.

For example, it could be the way he doesn’t allow things to bother him, his happy-go-lucky attitude.

Most often, these dreams are caused by either a separation of opinion, an argument or you two not seeing eye to eye on something.

“Your subconscious feels betrayed that your partner is not with you on that particular issue OR your partner is giving too much time and attention to something that is beginning to feel like a third wheel.

Love Animated GIF The dream: In real life, they’re your best mate.

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