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Enrollment of middle-aged students has grown considerably, from 12 per cent in 1995 to 20 percent in 2009, according to the Association of Theological Schools.

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She will be soon ordained by the United Church of Canada, and plans to look after a congregation in B. "I know there are many more like me out there, and I want them to know that you are not too old for this," she said.

"You are so not too old." Lori Megley-Best, 53, completed a master degree in divinity at the Vancouver School of Theology after a career in education and has been recently ordained by the United Church of Canada.

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X That’s how she says she came up with a three-tiered system.

"I don't think people coming in their midlife are changing careers, but rather it is a vocational redirection," the school's dean Wendy Fletcher said.

"It is a reorientation of a whole life to something that has a different set of values and purposes attached to it that will require a great amount of self-sacrifice and not a lot of material gain." Lethbridge got the "bug" to pursue a career in ministry after discovering that church was the centrepiece of many rural communities with limited health access.

For the past three years, Dona Lethbridge has been working on a master's degree in divinity at the Vancouver School of Theology.

The baby boomer student returned to school after an accomplished career in nursing to follow a mature calling to serve God.

Boomers come to theology school not only to study ministry, but also to find a higher meaning to their lives.

School representatives say that spirituality grows with age and many mature students are attempting to discern a bigger purpose to the lives they have created while supporting their communities.

However, unlike most master's students, divinity school graduates find ministerial placements before they complete the program.

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