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The original artwork for the collectibles is very on-brand - uses a former team's color scheme, very masculine.

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After Diddly Squat ended, Mendel moved to Seattle, where he spent four months on the straight edge band Brotherhood.

Afterwards he joined the band Christ on a Crutch, which included bandmate Glen Essary and lasted until 1993.

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He has remained a bandmember ever since, being one of the only original members in the Foo Fighters current line-up along with Grohl and former Nirvana live guitarist Pat Smear.

Although Sunny Day Real Estate reunited for two more albums (How It Feels to Be Something On and The Rising Tide), he stayed with the Foo Fighters, in Sunny Day Real Estate, he was replaced by Jeff Palmer, and Palmer was replaced by Joey Skyward, when Skyward left the band, Jeremy Enigk (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist) moved to the bass.

In 2015, he announced he is the singer, songwriter, and guitarist for his new project, Lieutenant.

Mendel was born on December 2, 1968, in Richland, a mid-sized city in southeast Washington. As at the age of 13, Mendel started to get interested in rock music and joining a band, This led to a "pretty limited musical education", as despite taking some lessons with a bassist from a local band, Mendel mostly taught himself to play, and "it was all hardcore punk rock, like Minor Threat, Black Flag and Bad Brains.

People who have made social change through everything except violence -- imagination, courage."The subjects range from Martin Luther King Jr., to Native American campaigner Marilyn Youngbird, and her former husband, David Harris.

She has converted a pool house at her home into a studio for painting.

Looks more like what you would see used for a line of cosmetics or skin care.

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