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A transgender athletics expert left a Fox News host speechless.

Buzzfeed has a list of thirteen things the Trump Administration has done against LGBT people.

It’s called Tranxtienda and with the help of Angela Gardner, who asks questions about the service, Katherine get information on the business from the owner. David de Alba’s Judy Garland collection is featured on TV.

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Pakistan will have trans people working as election monitors.

Scarlett Johansson wants to play a trans man gangster in a bio pic. There’s all this plus more and a raft of TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

I like to imagine that if I wasn’t trans I would go to any random hangout and pick up any woman or man I spoke to, without taking my complicated relationship with my body and gender into consideration.

However, in reality this is just not who I am, trans or not.

I did go on a couple of dates with a straight lady who I thought did not know I was trans.

We went on a couple of dates and made out, and as things heated up physically I joked, “let’s just make out and pretend we are Christian teenagers, take things slow.” She thought that was cute and charming, but by the fourth hangout she wanted to have sex.The BBC has learned that 400 of its employees identify as transgender.While trans troops are doing fine the Pentagon is not bringing in new recruits in a timely manner.To try and feel like herself again she stopped taking it and then the intense anxiety she that had made her go on the drug returned with a vengeance.She had been making plans to pack up and return to the east coast but this renewed anxiety made it hard to just get through a day, let alone plan a big move across the country. Today we learn that Jazz Jennings has had her gender confirmation surgery. The Atlantic article about those who “desist” gender change creates controversy.Over the past several years, I have done my best to figure it out, although it still remains somewhat shrouded in mystery.

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