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When it comes down to accepting a date with an older gent with grey hair or someone closer in age who happens to be a blonde, women choose the grey hair lads, giving them an average of six dates per month.

According to a study by the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, while men are more likely to approach a blonde woman in a club to dance, women are more likely to say yes to men with dark hair.

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In fact, a recent study found that when it comes to dating, women prefer men with brown hair.

According to the study by the dating website, Whats Your, blonde men don’t fair very well on the dating scene.

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Yes, it’s that hard out there for blonde men; so maybe it’s time to pick up some hair dye, guys?

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According to the study, men with brown hair average 10 dates a month, compared to blonde guys who average only three.

While black hair isn’t as common as brown hair, there is definitely an added appeal of mystery that comes with it.

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