wal marts dating policies - Dating waitresses

If she works hard, a man thinks, “She would work hard for me.” If she doesn’t work hard a man thinks, “Great rack.” OK, men don’t actually have sex with the waitress in restaurants, unless they’re Charlie Sheen.

You can tell a lot about a person by watching them work.

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Few married men or women do this job, and if there's no pressing need like a kid to feed, many don't even think about going into this field.

That's true for most every bar or club, at Hooters however, where everything else is more over-the-top some managers see it as permission to, let me say this delicately, be very undesirable in their conduct.

I went to see what they wanted to drink and they got a couple pitchers of beer.

One of them was pretty cute, but I didn't really take that much notice.

Both vocations exchange a service the man desires (cheeseburger delivery or shimmying boob delivery) in order to earn a to-be determined gratuity based upon overall performance. When a man sees a woman in uniform the following information is processed at microsecond speed. There is a person, probably a man, who tells this woman what to wear every day. Will she be smart, beautiful, funny, sarcastic, professional or some magical combination of all of the above?

I could be the America to her Iraq in the Middle East that is this cruel Applebee’s. A totally-dead-inside-woman tends not to complain when you ask for a second ketchup bottle at 3 AM because your friend drank the one that was on the table. This can make a man feel as good as sex, without all of the awkward apologizing afterwards. Waitresses have excellent memories and that makes them look smart. In the days of yore, a woman with a sharp mind could be relied upon to remember where the man put the spear, the milk, the codpiece, the fire, the wimpy baby, the warrior baby, etc. In lieu of sex, a woman carries food to the man and the man eats that food. It probably has something to do with Caveman Theory. The waitress says, “Hi, sweetie.” The man hears, “You should ask me out.” The waitress says, “I wouldn’t worry about calories if I was you.” The man hears, “You have the hottest body I have ever seen and I want to wear your pants like a hat.” The waitress says, “Come back.” The man hears, “She wants to see me again. When a man sees a waitress, he knows she probably has had roughly 11 to 340 boyfriends in her lifetime. I used to date a Hooters waitress ("associate") and spent a few hours sitting with the staff after work and listening. You can take an educated guess about her financial status, personality, work ethic, intelligence, politics and where she’s from. If you’re a man and you’re intimidated by women with money, dating a waitress is not a threatening proposition. Every waitress is a struggling actress, musician, writer, painter, etc.

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