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These questions could be considered intrusive by many, but they are normal in Ukraine.They may include inquires about salaries, political orientation, religious orientation and similar.If you invite women on a date – you are expected to pay.

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Ukrainians are almost always able to spot foreigners just from their clothes, which often display individualism through colors or unique design, whereas Ukrainians prefer gray and dark clothing to fit in with everyone else.

It is common for newly formed friends to invite each other over their house.

If you ask a woman to pay or to split the bill, you can be assured that you will be going home alone.

It is perfectly normal in Ukraine for men to strike up conversations with women on the streets or basically anywhere.

The West part of the country tends to speak Ukrainian exclusively while the East prefers Russian.

Generally speaking, the West is more ‘Europe integrated’ while the East is more Russian aligned.

Many marriages and long term relationships that we personally know of were formed just by doing the above!

Girls can be very cold initially but if you are cautiously persistent and charming, they may warm up very quickly and give you their number or even go with you to wherever you invite them. It is in some ways the opposite of United States which encourages individualism.

When on a date with a Ukrainian women – think courting process and you will have success.

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