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The same trunk 18 "tall, could nearly double in price. If a trunk has all it's interior parts, it can increase 20-40% (even more depending on what's inside).

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Taller and streamline trunks sell better the shorter ones.

The most common trunk(the "footlocker")is less than 14"tall and too short for a table.

Click on any trunk name at the top of this page to view the item and details along with any other items we have for sale. We are always in need of quality LV and Goyard steamer trunks.

There is also a side menu when you are viewing any of the trunk detail pages to view any pieces we have for sale and neat pieces we have sold in the past.

We Buy: We are always purchasing LV & Goyard trunks. We don't use magic words like "Amazing" in our descriptions, as we have never seen a trunk produce gold or jump up and dance, (that would be Amazing).

If you have one of the rare shoebox wardrobes or lingerie chest(like on our items for sale page), check with us before you sell as we pay big bucks for these in good condition. Just leave us something left in them and we should be able to buy them from you. Most auctions charge you a 15%-20% sellling commisson "and" charge your buyer 20-25% buyers premium. ", as we work around here and like you, like to get paid, if you are selling your trunk, please have a ballpark price in mind(it's hard for us to be the buyer and seller at the same time). No historical lessons on the Louis Vuitton Company(they make books for that) . None of those little hidden surprizes so common with ebay and sellers who never worry about seeing you again.Generally accepted issues are bumps,bruises,mild scratches,light stains,minor wear to canvas or leather(no holes),replaced leather handle holders or handles(these must be dimensionally correct to the piece)and replaced tacks(factory marked).On the no-no list would be rips,tears,major eyesores,missing canvas or major pattern wear(that's a big one),bad stains, replaced hardware or canvas(that was not produced by the maker)and missing leather trim.Our honest and ethical way of buying and selling Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks has worked for over 20 years.Welcome to Louis Vuitton, your home for luxury luggage, specializing in Louis Vuitton and Goyard Trunks since 1995.Here at Louis Vuitton you will find we offer the finest antique/vintage Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks available at great prices."We Buy and Sell".

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