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“Opportunities to add the autograph of players like Buck Ewing, Tim Keefe and John Montgomery Ward do not come around often.” “This is an amazing find,” Ron Keurajian, the author of two respected reference guides — “Baseball Hall of Fame Autographs” and “Collecting Historical Autographs” — told Forbes magazine.

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The “Lucky Seven Find” was a set of Ty Cobb tobacco cards discovered in a torn paper bag in an abandoned house.

Similarly the “Northeast Find” was discovered by the contractor underneath the floorboards of an old building in upstate New York in the 1990s.

However, the grand experiment, plagued by lack of funding and resolve by owners among other factors, imploded after just one year.

Several of the teams and most of the players were subsumed by the National League.

As Cohen says, with collecting often it’s the stories that are as interesting — or more interesting — as the signatures.

“This is the first time the players tried to do their own thing,” Cohen said.

As the story goes, he was told he could toss whatever he found but decided to hang on to a couple of boxes.

Cohen says he can only imagine what may have gone into the trash.

Tomasulo has been consigning for nine years, three with Memory Lane, and is a lifelong collector and avid baseball fan and historian.

He had never seen anything like the “Northeast Find.” He says when he scanned the documents, “I almost dropped to the floor.” As interesting to fans and historians as the signatures, are other rare, albeit unsigned, documents and the story they tell.

Ewing, for example, died in 1906 and there are no known examples of his signature on a ball or equipment.

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