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The new museum was designed to conform to Ming Dynasty style structures, around a central courtyard.

In May 1987, Jillian Sackler, on behalf of the AMS Foundation for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities, signed an additional agreement that provided for the expansion of the project to include the extensive but long abandoned gardens that lay to the west of the site.

In 1983, when the Archaeology Division acquired full department status, they further expanded their fieldwork activities.

Archaeologists from Peking University have worked all over China, but they have concentrated their research on sites in the Central Plains and the north.

The Opening Ceremonies took place on May 23, 1993, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and festivities including an indoor/outdoor gala dinner with traditional cuisine from China, Japan, the Middle East and The United States of America.

In honor of the occasion, a four-day scholarly conference, titled took place from May 28 through May 31, 1993.

A permanent Exhibit on Chinese Archaeology, dating from 280,000 years ago to the 17th century.

Objects on display include Bronzes, Jades, Pottery, and Bone artifacts.

The firm of Prentice & Chan, Ohlhausen, of New York City, was hired to design the museum in July, 1986, with Lo-yi Chan, working closely with the Peking University staff and in consultation with Dr.

Sackler, as the supervising architect for the project.

As explained by the host, Peking University Council Chairman Hao Ping, the event included representatives from 44 countries and regions and 130 Chines universities.

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