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Mega Tokyo merchandise moved from CaféPress to Think Geek in late 2002, then Fred and his wife Sarah opened Mega Gear in July 2004 in order to sell their merchandise themselves.

Do a search in the Story Discussions section of the forum on the strip title, they usually have it covered.

Kimiko's long japanese speech in comic 716 has a full translation to english in Book 4 and Omnibus 2.

Fred and Sarah had a son; Sarah then spent several years fighting and beating a rare form of lymphoma, on top of her existing auto-immune issue; Fred had serious heart problems that required surgery; Sarah's mom's health declined and she passed away; Fred's dad developed a bad case of Parkinson's; Fred's mom had a series of health problems and then increasingly serious dementia; and on and on.

Comic production slipped for years while Fred concentrated on taking care of family, and without regular comics many fans drifted away.

Fred and team are still working on the game, but it is coming slowly and only part-time.

Fred's tshirt printer and dyesub for the Megagear store both broke, and he couldn't justify the cost to repair or replace them.The exact method has changed and evolved over the years as Fred experiments with new ways of producing the comic.Fred originally drew in pencil on bright white inkjet paper.By 2010, Fred had published 6 books of Mega Tokyo comics.The comic won a number of awards and proved very popular.Welcome to our reviews of the Do It For Dummies Downloads (also known as best things in nyc). singles looking for a date ny city events chat with korean people online ny city events dating sites in jamaica, 3d virtual life games ny city events best online dating sim jamaican dating service verchual pets! the manhattan nyc ny city events jamaican dating website ny city events speed dating form paper nyc?

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