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Throughout my 20’s I spent far too many wasted years in pointless relationships that stunted everything from my personal growth to my career development and only after a valuable period of being single, was I able to commit and most importantly be happy in a relationship.

” Sometimes it’s just bad luck but other times it’s about using a little bit of common sense.

The dating sites market is flooded with niche sites that cater for people who love beards or cats or cereal, you name a it, then chances are I’ve reviewed the site.

We also know that our success couples are the experts when it comes to finding dates that lead to something lasting, so we’ve asked them to recommend their favourite date spots around the UK.

Whether it’s a cosy restaurant, a country walk, or somewhere a little different – we’ve got all the ideas to help make your first date (or even your second and third dates), something to remember.

I’ve long said that I’d rather be by myself than be with the wrong person, don’t go chasing (or marrying) the first person that asks. lf you haven’t accepted that times have changed by now then you may well be single for a very long time.

The stigma of dating sites is well and truly gone and for a number of years now it has proven to be both the simplest and most effective way to meet someone and no, simplicity doesn’t have to come with compromises over quality.

But take it from someone who knows, this industry is tough and if a site has been around for a long time then they’re definitely doing something right.

That’s why I stick to the big guns, like, there’s an element of trust there that you simply don’t get with the newbies.

When it comes to finding love it’s easy to be selfish, we’re all looking for something for ourselves after all, so of course it’s completely natural.

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