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Hell, Daniella's even in the Miss Texas Hall of Fame!

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Rodriguez, on their first date, was nervous — even though it took a bit for him to figure out if it was even a date or not. From Vanity Fair: “I didn’t know if it was a date,” Rodriguez says.

“Maybe we were seeing each other at night because of her work schedule.

When you swear you can pitch like one of the players, but you end up blowing the first pitch 😁😂⚾️ #Miss Texas USA #Miss USA #Daniella Rodriguez #Astros A post shared by Daniella Rodriguez (@daniellardzz) on She also happens to be quite the volunteer, per Earn The Necklace, with Daniella spending time with charities like St.

Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Pink Ribbon Awareness, and Special Olympics.

For all you sports fans out there who can't get enough of this year's World Series matchup between the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers — which, hopefully, is all of you since the games have been some of the most epic in recent memory — there's a good chance you've taken notice of one of the Astros' young superstars, shortstop Carlos Correa. 1 overall pick, the 23-year-old Correa has shown why he's expected to become the next big thing at his position, even drawing comparisons to former slugger Alex Rodriguez! Well, his baseball ability might be like A-Rod, but Carlos Correa's off-the-field game looks to be just as great as the Rodriguez's, too.

That's because Carlos is dating a former Miss Texas named Daniella Rodriguez — and she's the epitome of gorgeous.We could insert all the baseball cliches like, "she knocks it outta the park" with her good looks, and, "stealing her heart was the best steal" Carlos will ever have, but, instead, we'll just allow you to look at her for yourself and see why she's such a catch.Daniella Rodriguez was raised in Texas, is a Mexican-American, and, thanks to her stunning looks and charisma, became the first former Miss Texas Teen USA to win the Miss Texas USA title in her first attempt — which was in 2016.The insider added that the baseball stud and the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer have even more plans for their future.“[Moving in] isn’t the only thing they are looking to do together,” said the source “They are also looking at businesses they can invest in together.” The former Yankees player gushed about the Grammy nominee during an exclusive interview with Us Weekly in September, revealing that his daughters from a previous relationship, Natasha, 12, and Ella, 19, look up to Lopez.Her love for kids has even got her thinking about potentially teaching one day, according to the aforementioned article.

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