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A recent survey in the US found that 34 per cent of singles have had sex before even going out on a date, and 48 per cent of millennials are more inclined to have sex before a date compared to other generations.

My friend Helen – born and raised in Hong Kong – has lived in the US and Japan, and doesn’t think culture has influenced who she dates, but believes it has changed her expectations of what a date is.

“I agree there are different expectations between Asian cultures and the American culture,” she said.

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Seeking Cupid became more of a headache than a pleasure.

My expectations of courtship and dating defined by culture, and to some extent, the pre-Facebook days, didn’t seem applicable any more.

I didn’t go on many dates in Hong Kong, but when I did the man swiftly snatched the receipt.

My male cousins confirmed that it was the norm, even if most women these days can pay.

Victor, who is half Puerto Rican and half Jewish, said “most of these women had a dating preconception that the man on the date should pay”.

“For the American male it would make no difference if the women he was dating was Asian or not.When I last dated, in 2010, flip phones were all the rage, you spent more time crafting your text messages, and e-mails were lengthier and more thoughtful.Facebook and Google existed, but in an era without smartphones, I was able to maintain a comfortable distance from constant news and status updates. There was a common thread to dates I went on in New York and Hong Kong.He said he’d forgotten it and asked why age was such a big deal.“Age doesn’t matter to me, but the truth does,” I replied. I soon realised that dating apps were just a pool full of guys who were looking to hook up.My date called, we’d make an actual dinner date, we’d both show up, and usually enjoy a good meal and conversation.

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