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This man, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Men.

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Part of this is because I know there language and religion guys..

having deep roots in common makes it much much easier I have to say.

This one monk, whos sister was in Tibet said straight up that if I wanted he would GIVE ME HIS SISTER.. Can you imagine something like that happpening in America... Other time I just met this cute young girl in a restuarant she was drinking beer alone and I was like oh shit I have to talk to her.. we chatted and then she walked back to my guesthouse at the time..

It was this little one room house I was staying in and she came in and sat with me in there for a while..

She was only 28 and she said that men over there thought she was too old and not good anymore! She was just a person who ran a little store and her family had saved a 10,000$ USD dowry for her marriage...

She was willing to give this to me if I took her to the states.

It was so easy to make friends because I was becoming semi fluent in there language.

Many times I got invited to food at other peoples houses..

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SO just want to say I wish you all luck on your search for happiness..

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