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Any Gimpers recognize the movie and/or the actress? Still, I don't like the idea of someone else telling me which movies I can and cannot see. I tried finding that Hogtied movie in their library of movies but couldn't find it. Well, I probably wouldn't have gotten around to all of them anyway.But that would the metaphysical bullshit I mentioned lol. About your post dated Sunday, April 7th 2013 - AM. Sadly starting the mid 2000's; some artists closed their sites; offered only things for sale and moved to Pixiv which seems nice and all, but I miss sites that had their own personality.

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Yik Yakker: I haven't looked at my Netflix queue yet, and when I do I'll probably be annoyed too. No use ganging up on Netflix, it's out of their hands. I think someone in the group mentioned the DMM site, and even included a link.

But it's worth noting that the article you pointed to makes it pretty clear that the decision was made by others, not Netflix: "MGM, Warner Bros. I prefer streaming over the mail service - that's why I'm annoyed. I have access to the site, but I can't find the videos, though I know they are there. is an adaptation of a literary work, so the discussions will be centered on the subject of literary adaptations to film.

It's a real good film, and your review did a great job of selling it to those who haven't seen it. The link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.

---------------------------- The worm rape scene in : Count me as one of the few who wasn't familiar with that scene. So for those of you who have seen it and those that haven't, click on the link here: GALAXY OF TERROR RAPE SCENE I suppose it's a classic scene if people are still talking about it decades later, but it didn't do a lot for me.

:-) And I agree...only about Fangoria, but about the DVD's selling on Amazon as well. I would imagine both she and Amy get mistaken for each other quite a bit. that's the ex-wife, I'll call her Vany, circa 1970's And then there's Vero, Carmen's fraternal twin sister.

They're both beautiful women with slim figures, small breasts and long brown hair, and their facial features are quite similar, too. It just shows you what a charmer Jac Avila must be to snare not one but two doll babies as his partners. And some of us would need a stun gun just to do that.. His ex wife has an uncanny resemblance to Amy, in fact, when Amy saw the pictures she kind of froze, it was an eery experience for her. Who, being Carmen's twin, resembles her a bit, but they are not identical twins.(Too bad there are not much mainstream female spy movies where we can see what happens when things go wrong lol).Who knows how Rinka's powers worked in the first place, but maybe she was being honest and waiting for the chance to clear her name.The problem is that every time something like this happens, some movies that I like vanish. I had to scramble to cap a movie that I am planning to review in the near future. ---------- Today's Pic: Finally...proof positive that size does NOT matter. ---------- Gog: Looks like an artist's rendering of the is a film I finally got around to seeing a few years ago.Even though Corrine Clery never got tied up in the movie, there's lots of humiliation, nudity and rape, and of course, she's the epitome of female perfection in my book.I loved to see a clearly innocent girl suffer to her very last breath.

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