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Without it - those are the people you can become great friends with. If you're not, you're doing a very good person a very bad dis-service - just using them so you don't feel lonely or whatever - very selfish thing to do. Why not let them go on their way and have another shot at finding someone that can love them and fully appreciate them? Limiting yourself to the people towards whom you are immediately attracted sexually will rule out the majority of people with whom you could otherwise develop a wonderful relationship. Just a good normal person with no hate towards anyone (it is ok if she don't like Geo Bush - that would be being a normal logical person lol)Everything else is just "stuff" that we can glady work with together."Everything you want in a partner but no chemistry--will it work? The very foundation of boy/girl anything is the boy/girl - no I am not saying sex. You could build a mutual friendship or a foundation for a great long-term relationship. I gave it the old college try for a few months but nothing ever developed. Not something you can write in a profile or an email.

There is a difference between "no chemistry" and "omg it makes me barf to be around him"..... Instantaneous lust is meaningless in terms of a lasting romantic relationship. But the relationship based on a shallow impulse will vanish along with the initial spark. Sometimes, I think we just close the front door before we have fully explored the property. Then again, I am not sitting across the table from him. There is no guarantee or magic formula of what will work 100% of the time with 100% of the individuals. I'm one to where if there's no chemistry it just never happens. Someone can "look good on paper" but if that elusive element is's just not there.

I wonder if you didn't have relationship one to compare it to if you'd already be married. And chemistry is a powerful force at play in your mind and heart.

I had never felt so drawn to someone before, and we shared close, deep (non-physical) times together.

When he dumped me, I felt my heart would never mend, and three years later, I still struggle with that relationship loss.

Given his decisions and the fruit he's bearing, it sounds like a blessing that it didn't end in marriage.

That's not to say moving on is easy — you know it's not — but that it's essential. The way you describe your second relationship sounds like a sensible, wise leading-up-to-marriage courtship.

I find that if someone had "everything I wanted in a partner" personality, sexual prowess, solvency...they did not make me sick to my stomach to be around them, I definately would over time fall madly in devotion and admiration and respect and caring for them. The relationship built gradually on a sound foundation will endure. So, if he isn't kissable, forget what I said above, it is a deal breaker!! Even if I give it time, chemistry can build but there has to be at least some to begin with. If chemistry was all that mattered, I'd still be with my first love.

If you think he looks like your cousin (happened to me once) end it, he isn't kissable, unless that works in your neck of the woods Ciao ~ Se la vie ~ bye bye baby ~ next buddy I beg to differ. If you have that much doubt in this "near perfect relationship" that you are asking for opinions from strangers.. We had the best connection, attraction, sparks, heart flutters, lust.

It's very difficult to find someone with 100% of what you're seeking. what happens if you find someone who is extremely close to what you are looking for but there isn't any chemistry. And as soon as saturday night arrives they disappear. And talking to me on the computer when they are not out skirt chasing! I was wondering if anyone has had the experience of meeting someone who was everything they wanted in partner but that elusive feeling of chemistry wasn't there. I suppose you have something that is stronger than chemistry at present.

If there is a mental, intellectual and spiritual connection but no physical chemistry is that a deal breaker or does it mean that the relationship is doomed to fail? It's very difficult to find someone with 100% of what you're seeking. what happens if you find someone who is extremely close to what you are looking for but there isn't any chemistry. Most often relationships are based on the initial chemistry and when they find there is not much in common the chemistry cease to exist.

Now, I have been dating this guy (pre-med, kind of nerdy, logical, strategic type of guy) for two years. He is smart, consistent, predictable and incredibly faithful. He has been very intentional with my parents and with his desire to love and cherish only me. There is no "magic," and I feel I could logically live without him if we broke up.

I love him very much, but we do not have the same "chemistry" that I shared with the first person. I just saw the first guy again this week and was reminded again how strong the chemistry is between us.

With me, there is almost NEVER chemistry out of the chute. Last time I felt chemistry was when I was in my 20's. Over time, discovered we had little else in common. Differences and compromise ruled our lives until the day we split up.

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