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Somebody else has taught her everything, and all I have to do is mount her.’”Perhaps unsurprisingly that somewhat unromantic appraisal it proved a disaster: his date suffered an asthma attack but called the next day to invite Hamilton to Fiji.

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She could be anything you wanted: a fantasy, a nightmare, she could deal cards, stay up all night drinking, be an absolute slave or your mistress.“Marilyn Monroe was intelligent but trapped by her image, and desperately worried she was getting too old in her 30s.

Very insecure, she spent ages doing her make-up, then went back and did it again.“Joan Collins is like a sister to me, bigger than life, a survivor.

“There’s a madness among us, pure complete craziness,” says Hamilton of the show that will appear in the UK next year.

“It’s going to be extraordinary but it’s hush-hush.

I like young and beautiful women but the last thing I want is to push myself on a younger woman and become a father figure because of her demented childhood issues.“I have to find someone mature, and my friends are trying to fix me up.

I had dinner recently with a woman approaching 70 in amazing shape, and I thought, ‘Maybe this is a possibility?

“It’s hard dating a woman who looks like a bag of hammers.

Very few people really hold on to their looks.”Insisting that he has never resorted to Viagra, Hamilton says: “There’s something about lower testosterone: you develop great taste.

I was at home with Elvis Presley’s manager, my friend Colonel Parker, and he said, ‘Marry her.

You’ll have a much more peaceful life if you get it over with now.’“Parker said if I proposed at 5pm we could be at the airport by 5.30, fly to Vegas on Elvis’s plane, go to Elvis’s suite where there’d be a judge waiting, get married, play roulette and be home by 10pm.“Alana said, ‘I can’t get married now, I have to walk the dog!

The suave, debonair and perpetually tanned star of TV’s Dynasty and hit movies such as Love At First Bite, Evel Knievel and The Godfather III is poised to unleash on British audiences two new movies, a TV comedy, two documentaries, and a book on modern manners.

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