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The best way to experience Jordaan is through a food tour.

Not only you will see the neighborhood and learn its history but you will also have the chance to taste some mouthwatering food. This museum is the historic site of where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II.

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Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, it was originally intended to encourage trade and transport and today provides a way for travelers to take in the city’s sights and attractions in an unforgettable way.

You can take a canal cruise from one of the many tours that operate on the canal, and they usually take one hour.

Originally built as a Catholic place of worship, it now is an expression of Dutch Protestantism and frequently hosts exhibitions and concerts.

Inside, the architecture is impressive and beautiful and the windows high and flooded through with light.

The wooden house, Houten Huys, is the oldest surviving house in the city and dates back to 1420.

century, 800-year-old building towering over the Red Light District, oddly enough.You can take a guided tour throughout the palace’s rooms or take a free audio tour.Amsterdam is home to one of the most iconic painters in history, Vincent van Gogh, and this museum is dedicated to telling his life’s story as well as showcasing his stunning paintings.It welcomes 10 million visitors each year and is constantly filled with locals and tourists alike exercising, enjoying the sun or dog-walking.As well as hosting open-air concerts, people also have the chance to visit the three-meter statue of Dutch poet Vondel, the rose garden and the music dome.This museum honors her and features many exhibits to help visitors learn more about her life.

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