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And of course, after WW2 the volume wars were still being fought and amplification was the coming thing for guitars.

In 1948, Ted Mc Carty filed a patent for the pickguard-mounted pickup assembly seen on this instrument (the patent was issued as #2,567,570 on September 11, 1951) and many others dating from its introduction at the 1948 Summer NAMM show until the mid 1950’s.

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I use it when anyone's in trouble, when any of my family and friends have any problems and they ask me how to resolve things...

It also gave me the tools to be able to experience life and to live life.” Who are Scientologists?

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Our intention is to educate and inform those who seek factual information about the 80s' Fender Master Series guitars.

We also seek to learn from anyone who has additional knowledge or information about the Master Series Guitars.

Please contact us if you have anything you wish to share. We would like to thank Richard Mc Donald, Robyn Orsini and Kristy Swanson of Fender Musical Instruments for the kind permission to include the 1984 catalog and other promotional materials on this website.“I noticed something different about these people,” Dirou remembers.Former Scientologist turned Church critic, Gary Morehead, refuted Yingling's claims to ABC News 20/20 and said that he would go through people's belongings to collect information on them while he served as director of security.'I wouldn't open up the gate,' he explained.'I would send my rover guard down there to meet up with them face-to-face in case he started scaling in and I would try to calm, cool and collectively talk to him on the intercom.' 'I used to have to keep a statistic which is a printed out graph of security threats, and that was the people who wanted to leave or the people to had left that we brought back and were undergoing handling,' Morehead said.addresses the spirit—not the body or mind—and believes that Man is far more than a product of his environment, or his genes.Here is a wonderful 1950 Gibson L-7 P Premiere Cutaway Archtop.Gibson was a major player in the Archtop guitar world, with Epiphone as its main rival.And by doing that, after 30 years of skydiving, I've never had an accident and certainly don't intend to." Who are Scientologists?

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